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LPG Living Quarters

The LPG living quarters consists of four residential floors per block. These floors are divided into two parts: a functional part and a relaxation part.

The functional area consists of a master bedroom, each with a dressing room and bathroom, a master sitting room, two bedrooms each with their own bathrooms. The floors are also equipped with a study area, library, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, and a garden.  The relaxation area contains a spa, sauna, hammam, swimming pool, winter garden, cinema, and a gym. All this on an area of approximately 1700 square meters.


The living quarters differ from each other in the amount of useable living area and are constructed from exclusive materials that differ from floor to floor, reflecting the residents' wealth and status. Each floor is also equipped with  a private lift to the roof .

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Luxurious Living Quarters

Too much money on your hands? Do you really want others to know your financial worth? Look no further! Our luxurious lofts are a perfect representation for your wealth. With a stunning length of 200 meters, they provide the perfect space for a home, work, sporting and entertainment environment. Our living quarters know no limits and hopefully so does your budget. 

Bio Dome

Our monumental blocks are equipped with a state of the art biodome on the rooftops. Each block has it's own microclimate with a full biodiversity of trees, crops,  plants and animals. This provides our clientele with a break from reality and brings traveling closer to home. Each dome differentiates itself from the others with the origin of their respective biodiversity. Our dome environments conclude: Asia, South-America, Africa and the mediterranean. Every climate can be accessed via our beautiful skyways, which connect the 4 domes with each other. 

Fine Dining

Hidden in our biodomes, our clientele can experience fine dining of the local cuisine of our climates. World class chefs can be booked on demand and provide you with a perfect 4 star gourmet experience. Discover your world and enjoy the best meals all one elevator away from your home. 


On demand personel is included in each home. Private chef, cleaning personnel or chauffeur, everthing is possible. You name it, we provide it. 

You never have to worry about household chores or responsibilities anymore. We provide the suitable personnel for every situation so you can focus your time on enjoying pure luxuy. 



Our luxurious living quarters are highly secured with facial recognition. Every person entering the housing area will be analysed. Every household member will be recognised and grant acces to their acccording entrance. This is an extra measure to compliment the security system already available on the LPG site. 


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The whole LPG site has a delivery system infrastructure. This way goods and items of all kind can be distributed and deliverd to the correct adress. Every living quarters features a personal delivery box. The displays allows household members to order goods easily and the box provides storage for delivered or sent goods. 

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Each living quarter can be accessed through a personal elevator. Owners can use them on foot, by bike and even by car. The elevator gives access to your personal floor, the groundfloor and underground storage units where residents can store up to 10 vehicles. It features a comfortable sitting area for residents on foot. The whole shaft has a glass wall where one can oversee the beautiful LPG site. 

Conceptual Project Visualisation

Floor Plans

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
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