Culture at Luchtbal

The culture center of Luchtbal consists of six towers. Each of them has a different function which provides a different, unique experience. The glamorous facilities make it possible to do whatever your heart desires.


Your entertainment has been taken care of.

This building offers the best variety and quality of group classes in the city. With cutting-edge equipment and a beautiful infinity pool, our sports center has everything you need to upgrade your work out. Our spa is an urban oasis designed for total relaxation, with beauty and massage treatments, saunas and steam rooms.

This is the gathering place of the world’s luxury fashion, retail brands and flagship stores. The thoughtful service allows you to experience super five-star treatment. You will find many designer brands and a restaurant with a 360 degree panoramic view over the Luchtbal area.

The hotel provides a stylish stay in the middle of the Luchtbal neighborhood. The hotel is brought to life by its tastefully appointed rooms and suites, casino, wellness center and Michelin 2-star restaurant on the roof. All of its facilities create a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. 

Our business center has a number of offices, meeting rooms and coworking spaces. On the ground floor is our unique coffee shop. We offer Italian style coffee, as well as snacks and pasties. It is an exceptionally beautiful café where people can enjoy their time.

The museum is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art. The collection features formats of paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and various forms of new media. The exterior of the museum is designed in collaboration with various renowned artists.

Our staff is committed to ensure that our residents receive the best service. They will be readily available to you whenever you need. From their accommodation, they have easy access to the underground tunnels.

Property Highlights


Sports & Wellness

Our sports center provides state of the art equipment to further improve the quality of your work out. The residents can work on their body with their personal coach. There is also a climbing wall for the adventurers among us without a fear of heights. After the physical work, one must offer the body rest and enjoyment. You can achieve this in our beautiful rooftop wellness.


A shopping center can’t certainly be missing. Here you can find luxury goods from shops such as Delveaux, Rolex, Armani, ... The shops are easily accessible and the service is impeccable. There is also a restaurant on the roof of this building. A hearty lunch or a nice quick bite is certainly available here!



Hotel & Casino

There is also a walhalla of pleasure, the casino, where residents and their well-appointed friends can take a gamble! Exclusivity is central in the hotel, only the wealthiest people can book an overnight stay here. In our Michelin 2-star restaurant only the best chefs are at the stove, here to prepare a 3 to 20 course menu with appropriate wines.


There must be a nice coffee shop at every office! There is therefore a wide assortment of coffee available at our café. After a delicious cup of coffee, the residents can start their working day. At this place you can work on your personal work as well as in groups. After hard work, you must be able to relax. Our roof top lounge is the best place for relaxation! Nice atmosphere, lots of drinks and nice music in the background.



Contemporary Art

Here is a cultural walhalla. The private contemporary art museum features work by the greatest artists; from Jeff Koons to Basquiat to Takashi Murakami. In our studios, artists from all over the world come to work on art pieces for the museum. The residents can also express their creative spirit here. they can create works of art with all kinds of materials. Our storage space is located in the basement of the Art center. 

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