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The high-class community at the L.G.P. has access to an abundance of well-maintained forest gardens and a smart city mobility system. All exclusively  accessible for its members thanks to smart identification software. Join the community now and receive pristine care and services everyday anywhere.

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Sustainable green spaces


Flora and fauna


The Luchtbal Gentrification gardens are part of a greater ecological living development that wants to get rid of social boundaries, have a zero-criminality policy and create a secure like-minded society where everyone can live their best life. 

Adaptive forest gardens



Living in an exclusive part of the world where you can enjoy all the benefits mother earth has to offer, that is where Luchtbal Gentrification comes in as a one-of-a-kind pilot project in Belgium, Antwerp. Withstanding Climate change, we designed a fully optional and adaptive forest garden where sustainability is key. Thanks to the underground maintenance the gardens stay in perfect condition.




Underneath the surface the maintenance tunnels make sure that you get anything you need at any time. The tunnels connect the servants to other premises in a fast and easy way so they can perform their jobs without any obstacles in their way. Working underground makes sure they don't have any distractions and gain full efficiency.

Image by MontyLov
Image by Emmanuel
Glass Buildings

Ground control

Smart security and mobility systems offering exclusive access to member only and keeping outsiders away. Thanks to smart tile technology a moving and adaptive city is created offering easy maintenance and fast mobility through the site. All made possible thanks to the smart A.I. Major Tom.


Smart tile system

Security and guidance

The moving city of Luchtbal is realized thanks to a moving tile system allowing residents to travel fast and keeping outsiders away. The tiles can move up and down and create a pathway through the water so only members can enter.

Tile grid system


Landscape design

The landscaping at Luchtbal was done through smart tile systems. This makes it possible for easy maintenance underground of the gardens and creation of educational areas and playgrounds where needed. The system is fully powered by sustainable energy.


High-class mobility


Residents can choose to go by foot but also enjoy the fast transportation through our monorail system. This allows every inhabitant to travel safely between different sections in a matter of seconds.