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Care at Luchtbal

The Luchtbal Care Center is located at the center of the Luchtbal Gentrification Project on the site of what used to be a social housing project. It is easy to access from any direction. When people are feeling sick or are in pain, they can be examined and helped at home by making use of state of the art technology that can be controlled from a distance. Residents of the project that suffer too much can be accomodated in the severe hospital department. There is also a department for rehabilitation and therapy.

Culinary masterpieces

At the care center, you get the best of the best on your plate. Your personal chef takes care of that. He personally prepares the menus and buffets for you, from which you can choose every day.

Luxurious living

Quality and durability are key. The massive facade is constructed of polished marble. The playful contact between light and materials creates a changing ambiance that makes every moment special.

A great environment

At the Luchtbal residential care facility, you can count on the professional care of a contemporary residential center. You are surrounded day and night by a team that guides and cares for you.

Garden Roof.jpg
Enjoying a rich life

This is the gathering place of the world’s luxury fashion, retail brands and flagship stores. The thoughtful service allows you to experience super five-star treatment. You will find many designer brands and a restaurant with a 360 degree panoramic view over the Luchtbal area.

Property Highlights

Luxurious living

- Choose the view and the orientation according to your rhythm of life

- Ceiling height of 4m

- Each loft includes a private robot butler available 24/7

- A private pond with artwork

- A private winter garden that adapts to the seasons

- Exclusive finishing under the personal guidance of a design studio

Tropical & Indigenous Courtyard

The tropical courtyard with its wellness centre, pool, gym and other sport facilities is the ideal location to train your muscles and treat yourself to a relaxing and health supporting day. Our residents can use all the facilities if they would like to do their exercises with their fellow residents or friends.

The indigenous courtyard functions as a forest with hiding spots, a community centre housed in a pavilion and nice paths to stroll around. Residents and visitors can enjoy the sun on the accessible sloped roof of the pavilion.


The courtyards can be accesed through the central opening and entrances of the shops and workshop in the plinth of the building.


Both courtyards are covered with a glased dome. That way, the climate in the courtyards can be controlled to support a healthy environment with the best air quality without loosing any light.

A healthy development

It is one of the most important aspects of our Hospital and care home. All patients can enjoy best quality food produced in the local futuristic farm. Air, temperature and irrigation are automatically controlled to provide you fruits and vegetables with maximum vitamines.

Our world class chef welcomes you in its restaurant to live an unforgettable gastronomic moment. The fruits and vegetables come directly from the local farm via a system of vaccum tubes so that you enjoy meals with only fresh products.

typical floor plan.jpg

State of the art hospital

Your health is our ultimate priority. we have the latest medical robotic machines to offer you extremely precise diagnosis and 0-risk surgeries. Medical support is standby 24/7.

Rooftop farm and garden

No compromises were made for this project. Also the rooftop has been developted in the best way possible. It is used to provide a farm so that the Luchtbal Care Center can be self-sufficient when necessary. The animals of the farm can also be used for residental therapy.

The roof is also provided with helicopter platforms and connections for the overall Luchtbal transport system.

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